Third quarter 2020/2021 results - Tereos

Tuesday, February 16, 2021
In France, the sugar beet surface areas planted by Tereos’ cooperative members increased by 3.5% in 2020 compared to the previous crop. However, the combined impacts of severe beet yellows virus and adverse weather conditions have significantly affected sugar beet yields in some regions. Tereos cooperative members lost yields of 26% on average compared to the average for the last five years. This loss remains marked by strong regional disparities. Despite a crop schedule that has had to adapt to this farming reality, plants have operated with an increasing level of performance compared to the previous crop. In Czech Republic, attacks from bio-aggressors affected the yields. In Romania, the higher level of surface areas harvested has offset disappointing sugar yields. In Brazil, the crop that ended in mid-November posted a record 20.9 million tons of crushed sugarcane and increased sugar content compared to the previous year. The Group has achieved good levels of agricultural and industrial productivity through performance plans and investments made in recent years. In Reunion Island, the lack of rain impacted cane volumes, with the loss of yields partially offset by better sugar. In Mozambique, volumes produced have increased as a result of operational progress.
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