Imports of organic sugar into the EU fall 10% in 2020

The European Commission has today (9 June 2021) published its market analysis on "EU imports of organic agri-food products: key developments in 2020".

The data show that imports of organic sugar fell by 10% in 2020 year-on-year. The total quantity of organic sugar imported was 189,831 tonnes compared with 206,798 tonnes in 2019. However, Germany, the top importer of organic sugar, increased imports strongly, followed closely by France, the data sourced from TRACES (Trade Control and Expert System) showed.

Colombia was the largest exporter in 2020, exporting 56,762 tonnes, followed by Brazil (38,750 tonnes), India (23,532 tonnes) and Paraguay (20,451 tonnes).

Just over 75% of the total quantity of organic sugar imported was refined sugar, as follows:

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