Sugar flows

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Inspired by the European Commission's "Agridata" portal, I’m on a mission to find and visualize data about the EU and UK sugar and sweeteners markets, to bring my experience in sugar trading to bear on these data and thereby, hopefully, to offer you up-to-date insights into the EU and UK sugar markets today. I believe that market transparency is key to better policy and business decision-making.

The menu above contain links to see Microsoft PowerBI visuals of these data, including sugar prices and sugar trade flows. These data will be updated regularly.

Data on EU and UK tariff rate quotas, updated regularly, is also available here (click link) in an interactive Excel spreadsheet.

Please note that (paying) subscribers to my data services may receive these data a few days before they are published here.

These data (mostly publicly-available) and visuals are work-in-progress - I'll improve them and add more as I find and visualize them, so please check back every now and then! Any comments and/or suggestions would be most welcome.