Sugar trade analyst
Sugar trade analyst
Julian brings to his clients representation, innovation, ideas and invaluable market insights

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About me

  Experienced international sugar analyst and broker, demonstrating tenacity and patient liaison with people at every level throughout the value chain, from ships’ crew and clerical staff to chief executives, high ranking officials and government ministers.

  Elected eight years in a row as President of the European Sugar Traders’ Association “ASSUC”, comprising sixty sugar trading companies in Europe.

  Regular speaker at sugar trade conferences and recognized to possess wide experience, deep knowledge and empathy as a sugar trader and innovative market analyst at the heart of the trade between African, Caribbean, Pacific and Least Developed Countries and the European Union.

julianprice.com Ltd
Apr 2018 – present

ACP London Sugar Group
London Representative (Eswatini Sugar Association)
Jul 1995 – present

ASSUC, the European Association of Sugar Traders
May 2010 – May 2018

ED&F Man Sugar Ltd
Sugar trader
Oct 1987 – Mar 2018

University of Strathclyde
PG Diploma Marketing
University of Aberdeen
BSc Agriculture
1980 – 1985



Sugar trade data analysis

Reliable, independent source of market intelligence on the European Union, the United Kingdom and African, Caribbean and Pacific sugar markets.

Market research as to:

- Trade flow analysis;
- Import parity analysis;
- Pricing discovery, risk management, price dynamics, methodology, indices and intelligence;
- Key documentary requirements and trade support.

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