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France allows beet growers to make up to five passes of Movento amid abundant aphids

Sugar beet growers in France will be able to make up to five passes of Movento, instead of the usual two, said the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Agriculture, Mme Agnès Pannier-Runacher. The mild winter, combined with almost constant rainfall since autumn, has favoured the development of green aphids, vectors of beet yellows. The Minister Delegate announced on Friday 5 March a derogation on the use of Movento. The 5 authorized passes will provide additional protection to Teppeki, with a different mode of action against green aphids on beets. Movento (spirotetramate) complements Teppeki (flonicamide), which was approved for use on sugar beet in December 2018. "This year, beet growers will now be able to make up to 5 passes of Movento" instead of "2 passes today," said Agnès Pannier-Runacher, on the radio France Bleu Nord. Beet growers willbe able to "make three passes first, and if the aphid is still present, two more," the minister said. ITB's threshold-based advice is unchanged from last year. "We are just anticipating an early, abundant arrival and a long duration of protection," explains Fabienne Maupas, director of the technical and scientific department at the ITB. Knowing that 3 treatments may not be enough to control aphids, the ministry has proposed a review clause during the spring to determine whether to increase from 3 to 5 treatments of Movento.