Artificial sweeteners and the World Health Organisation

Christopher Snowdon (via Substack)
Friday, May 19, 2023
On the face of it, the simple fact that artificial sweeteners contain no calories should make them a better option, but there is an argument - as made by Mr Trump - that they increase appetite and make people eat more. Despite all the money pumped into public health research, neither of these hypotheses has been comprehensively proven or disproven. After decades of work, this field of research still feels like it is in its infancy. This wouldn’t matter so much if public policy wasn’t based on the shifting sands of quack science. If the WHO’s latest guidelines are correct, sugar taxes designed to encourage drinks manufacturers to replace sugar with sweeteners have been a waste of time and possibly even a deadly mistake. If they are wrong, it’s another reason to defund the corrupt and incompetent WHO.
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