CEFS and CIBE strongly oppose any new FTA market access for India

Tuesday, July 5, 2022
CEFS Director General Marie-Christine Ribera said: "Our sector has long called for the elimination of trade-distorting subsidies and strongly opposes any market access where no level playing field exists. We call on the European Commission to take the European Parliament's position into account in the EU-India talks and to ensure that no more Indian sugar enters the EU market until the offending measures are removed." In its report the European Parliament also noted that Indian sugar has long been produced under substandard social and environmental conditions. Conditions of forced labour, abuse of migrant children and non-payment of wages at the end of the season have been reported. CIBE Director Elisabeth Lacoste said: "The EU is the global leader in driving the global green and sustainable transition. The WTO recognises members' right to implement measures to achieve legitimate policy objectives, such as the protection of human health and safety, or protection of the environment if these are non-arbitrary, non-discriminatory or trade restricting. Such standards can enhance trade and sustainable development. Therefore, the EU beet sugar sector supports all measures to avoid importing sugar from India or from any third country produced under substandard social and environmental conditions."
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