EU sugar beet sowing is almost complete - JRC MARS

European Commission - JRC MARS
Monday, May 27, 2024
Despite the very wet weather conditions, which lasted until mid April, in the main sugar-beet-producing regions of western and northern central Europe, the much-delayed planting of sugar beet has reached, or is nearing, completion. A negative impact on yield can be expected as a result of the delays. In northern countries that were affected, the planting is still in progress. In the countries that were less affected, even Sweden, planting was able to proceed smoothly, with a few starts and stops. The condition of the crops that have emerged varies across Europe. In countries affected by very humid weather and soils, such as France, the Benelux countries and Germany, the crops are affected by infestations of slugs, and of aphids that can transmit the beet yellows virus. In contrast, in Poland and eastern Hungary, topsoils are drying and rain is needed to secure emergence and growth. No significant damage to the crops due to the cold spell in April in France, Germany and central Europe has been reported so far.
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