France intends to prioritize "reciprocity of trading standards" in trade with the EU

European Council
Tuesday, January 18, 2022
France intends to prioritize "reciprocity of trading standards" in trade with the EU – in other words new "mirror clauses" targetting phytopharmaceutical products, carbon leakage and deforestation The French Minister for Agriculture and Food, Julien Denormandie, stated, "Importing products into the European market that do not abide by the EU’s own production standards is inconsistent from every perspective, whether economic, environmental or food-related. Taking action to ensure that standards are reciprocal is a considerable task, and one that is at the top of the French presidency’s priorities". Presenting the French presidency’s priorities in the area of agriculture and fisheries, the Minister stated that these priorities include, on the one hand, the reciprocity of trading standards – in other words, ensuring (chiefly by means of ‘mirror clauses’) that agri-food products imported into Europe abide by the EU’s environmental and health standards, particularly as regards the sustainable use of phytopharmaceutical products – and, on the other hand, low-carbon agriculture, in particular carbon sequestration in agricultural soils. The presidency will also aim to take forward work in the following areas: evaluation of the national strategic plans, as part of efforts to ensure the transparency of the CAP reform; the proposal for a regulation on statistics on agricultural input and output; revision of EU legislation on geographical indications; the regulation on deforestation-free products; and the EU’s agricultural product promotion policy.
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