Kampagnerückblick 2020/21

Friday, January 29, 2021
han expected in many places (29 January 2021 -- Google translate of LIZ-online, Germany) We look back on a successful campaign that has gone without any major restrictions despite the challenges surrounding the Corona pandemic. The last sugar beet has also been processed at the Lage plant – this is the end of the 2020/21 campaign at Pfeifer & Langen in Germany. On average, the 2020 harvest at Pfeifer & Langen was better than originally expected. In the Rhineland in particular, with average sugar yields of 13.4 t/ha and 15.3 t/ha respectively, pleasing yields are close or well above the five-year average. In Könnern, the average sugar yield was 9.6 t/ha, well above the previous year's yield, albeit below the five-year average. However, due to the challenging weather conditions, the average yields mentioned above were relatively large in 2020 and not all farms had good yields. Conversely, however, there were also farms that were able to generate yields well above the average.
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