Latest modeling study on sugar taxes has nothing to do with reality

Wirtschaftlichen Vereinigung Zucker
Wednesday, November 22, 2023
A modeling study by the Technical University of Munich and the University of Liverpool recently published in the specialist magazine “PLOS Medicine” looks at the sugar tax and possible effects on the occurrence of certain diseases. Commenting on this, Dr. Philip Prinz, head of the nutritional sciences department at the Wirtschaftlichen Vereinigung Zucker, said: “The conclusions are based on the assumption that the sugar tax prevents obesity and secondary diseases. There is no evidence for this. Even in countries where such a tax has already been introduced, such as Great Britain or Mexico, obesity in the population is not decreasing. It is noteworthy that the study authors assume in their modeling that the sugar tax saves a maximum of 5.9 g of sugar per day. That corresponds to just 24 kcal. It is completely unclear whether this would lead to weight loss, because the question arises as to whether the calories would then be absorbed through other foods or drinks. But that is crucial. Because the calorie balance counts for body weight.”
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