Limited progress for Dutch sugar beet sowings - a very late sowing date is expected - Cosun

Royal Cosun
Thursday, April 13, 2023
Last week, some beets were sown in the Netherlands in dribs and drabs, especially on higher-lying plots. Nationally, more than 6,000 hectares have now been sown, which means that approximately 7% of the area has been sown. An exception to this is Oldambt, where almost 90% of the area was sown last week. In addition to the ability of plots, manure spreading is also a limiting factor. It is a great challenge for contractors to be able to help their customers on the limited workable days, now that the spreading of manure for different crops comes together. With the precipitation expected this week, we are heading for an average sowing date that will be after April 20. This has never been this late in the last 20 years. The years 2008 and 2018 are in it with an average sowing date of April 16 the last. With a further average course of the growing season, this later average sowing date costs approximately 750 kg of potential sugar yield per hectare.
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