New approach should bring peace back to French beet growers

Nieuw Oogst
Tuesday, February 21, 2023
A week after the protests, French Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau sat down with the beet sector to present the principles of a support and action plan. This should ensure adequate beet production by 2023 and the supply of the French sugar sector. The plan stipulates that France will ensure that the Court of Justice's decision is applied in the same way in all EU countries, in order to ensure a level playing field. Fesneau also asked the Agriculture Council in Brussels to trigger a safeguard clause to prevent imported products from outside the EU from coming from beets treated with neonics. The second objective of the support and action plan is the rapid introduction of new plant protection measures, based on the National Research and Innovation Plan (PNRI). These will be made available to growers through the Technical Institute for Beets (ITB) and can then be used from this spring in case of yellowing disease on the plots. Soon, models for the prediction of aphid flights from a PNRI project will also be used. Financial compensation The third pillar of the plan is financial compensation to growers if they lose yield due to yellowing disease in 2023. According to Agrobericht Buitenland, the damage is fully covered in such cases. The government is going to ask for the introduction of a European crisis measure for this and is already working with the European Commission to build up the system.
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