Poland: How big are sugar beet roots already? What polarity?

Friday, August 4, 2023
The sugar beet is now in the process of building root biomass. The future crop of roots and sugar will depend on weather conditions, precisely on the amount and distribution of rainfall and on the protection of the leaves. Südzucker Polska SA announced the first results of tests assessing the mass and quality of beetroot roots. The company's plantation areas are mainly located in the southern regions of Poland, where drought has not affected this year.n the 31st week of vegetation, the obtained results do not differ much from the norm. Root mass is similar to that obtained in the same period in the last two years. The mass of leaves is slightly higher than last year, but definitely lower than that determined in 2021. On average, beets have less than 15% of polarization. It also means that the sugar accumulation process is working properly. This is a higher result than that obtained in the same period in 2021, but almost 1.5% lower than the one set a year ago. Beet plantations in the area of ​​operation of the sugar plant were characterized by a good and even stocking, estimated at 101.7 thousand on average. pcs./ha. The yield of roots and sugar calculated on the basis of these parameters was estimated at 44.5 dt/ha and 6.6 dt/ha, respectively.
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