Poland record the highest yields per hectare in 5 years in 2022/23

AgroNews (Poland)
Saturday, February 25, 2023
On January 31, 2023, the 2022/2023 sugar campaign ended, the results of which were summarized by the Association of Sugar Producers in Poland. The average duration of the campaign for all four domestic producers was almost 108 days, during which 2,007,588.06 tons of sugar were produced. Compared to the previous year, the average crop size and yields increased, exceeding 63.5 tonnes per hectare. In turn, the polarization of beetroot was lower than a year ago and amounted to 16.5%. Relatively high yields of sugar beet per hectare failed to compensate for the smaller amount of processed beets than in the previous year and the polarization lower by nearly one percentage point. As a result, domestic producers produced less sugar than during last year's campaign - comments Michał Gawryszczak, Director of the Office of the Association of Sugar Producers in Poland.
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