Strube tests indicate yields in Germany far above expectations and the long-term average

Strube D&S GmbH
Friday, July 15, 2022
As every year, the sugar beet seed company Strube D&S GmbH has carried out a small pre-sampling of sugar beet fields in mid-July in the Soester Börde region. Beet weights of 30 fields were recorded and evaluated. The result is very surprising, as it is far above our expectations and the long-term average. According to our observations, leaf diseases, especially Cercospora leaf spots, are currently developing cautiously due to weather conditions. Exceptions are the irrigation areas and wetter regions, especially in southern Germany. Here should be urgently controlled and fungicide set. Occasionally rust pustules appeared in July. Beet rust is actually an autumn mushroom that loves moisture in combination with rather cooler temperatures around 20 ° Celsius. In addition to leaf spots, yellowing leaves and the first yellowing nests are now observed. In Germany, it is alarmingly dry in large parts. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), the spring months provided only two-thirds of the usual precipitation. June is closed by the DWD as "exceptionally warm, very dry and extremely rich in sunshine". The sugar beets often participate in the passing thunderstorms and heavy rains. The irrigation systems run on sandy soils.
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