The Dutch beet campaign has ended

Royal Cosun
Tuesday, January 31, 2023
During the campaign in the Netherlands, nearly 7.5 million tonnes of beets were processed: 7,434,158 tonnes to be exact. The sugar beets from the southern part of the country are processed in Dinteloord, while those from the north go to Vierverlaten. Since the sugar beet growing conditions in September were worse in the southern part of the country due to considerable rain, the sugar percentage of the beets processed in Dinteloord was also somewhat lower than in Vierverlaten. In Dinteloord, that percentage was 16.08% compared to 16.94% in Vierverlaten. This resulted in 483,391 tonnes of sugar in Dinteloord and 512,408 tonnes in Vierverlaten. The thick juice tanks on both locations have been filled and this thick juice will be processed into granulated sugar within a few months. The total amount of granulated sugar will then be more than 1.2 million tonnes.
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