The first symptoms of virus yellows are observed in France

L'Institut Technique de la Betterave
Monday, June 19, 2023
Rainfall stimulates the development of sugar beet - and also reveals the first symptoms of virus yellows in cultivations without aphicide protection. As a reminder, this viral disease is brought by the green aphids Myzus persicae. Elisa tests are in progress to determine which types of virus (polerovirus and/or BYV) are present in these beets. As a reminder, there are 3 types of jaundice: Moderate yellows (BMYV, BChV): orange-yellow color from the tip of the leaf. Necrotic brown appearance at the edge of the leaves (secondary fungi). Severe yellows (BYV): lemon yellow coloring of the blade between the veins, thickened and brittle leaves. Appearance of small brown-red spots that join together. Thinning of the secondary veins (or etching of the leaves). Mosaic yellows (BtMV): lightening of the veins and appearance of small, pale, translucent spots on the leaves of the heart.
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